Fantasy Baseball Pickups - Help your roster with these timely adds

Yahoo Fantasy expert Scott Pianowski offers a pair of 26-year-old waiver adds for fantasy baseball managers

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: It's the middle of June. Fantasy roster needs some TLC. Let's give you a couple of under the radar pickups that can help your fantasy roster.

Jake Fraley doing some nice things in Seattle. Catch him over the last two weeks, he's hitting 316, four homers, three steals, and he's got more walks than strikeouts. This guy's controlling his at bats, controlling the strike zone.

Sometimes he bats second. Sometimes he bats fifth. He may sit against the occasional left hander, but he's only been chased up 25% roster in Yahoo leagues.

This guy doesn't have a pedigree. He's kind of a 26-year-old journeyman, which is why he's still available in these medium and shallow formats. I've got him everywhere I can.

And again, the roster real estate makes sense. The category juice makes sense. And you love that walk and strikeout rate.

And the walk and strikeout rate, of course, is very important for pitchers. I'll give you another 26-year-old under the radar, Anthony Bender in Miami. Looks too good to be true. 17 2/3 innings. He hasn't allowed an earned run yet. 5 walks, 22 strikeouts.

A couple of years ago, we gave you Nick Anderson at 1% roster, and he went on to have a great knock out season as a reliever. That's how we get these guys. We get them before they're really household names. We don't draft them aggressively in the spring, because they pop up during the season.

Anthony Bender was 1% rostered in Miami. Maybe he'll get into the save chase. Maybe he won't. But whose fantasy roster couldn't use some ERA and whip help. And I think, eventually, he's going to get high leverage work for a Marlins team that I still think finishes the season around 500.

So pick up Fraley for your hitting, pick up Bender for your pitching. A couple of 26-year-olds doing good things in June.