Fans worship Messi ahead of Argentina’s game against ‘Cardiac Croatians’ I The Rush

Fans around the world celebrate Lionel Messi as Argentina are set to face the Cardiac Croatians in the World Cup semi-final, Kyler Murray left Monday Night against the Patriots with a non-contact injury, the Cowboys signed T.Y. Hilton (and not Odell Beckham Jr.) and Baker Mayfield might be psychic. PLUS: Messi has inspired near religious levels of fandom around the world.

Video Transcript



JARED QUAY: Argentina plays Croatia today, and plenty of people around the world would be rooting for Lionel Messi. Many consider Messi the GOAT of soccer, and he has inspired legions of fans to journey to Qatar to watch the whiz at work. According to our own Henry Bushnell, that fandom has a religious feel to it.

- Do not worship me!

- And it's not just Argentinians. Fans from Kerala, India have created giant 30 foot tall cutouts of the man himself. That's some serious dedication right there.

And it's even more impressive when it's people of all different cultures and languages being united by one guy who might be the best to ever kick a ball. This is likely Messi's last chance to add that one piece of hardware that's missing from his trophy cabinet-- a World Cup. And you know what they say. If you don't win a World Cup, you can't be the GOAT. But they don't call Argentina's opponent the Cardiac Croatians for nothing.

- I'm for real. I'm for real.

- In the other football game that we here in the States like, the Dallas Cowboys have signed receiver TY Hilton.

- What about the other guy?

- Oh, you mean Odell Beckham Jr. Yeah, I know. Confusing, right?

Dallas was courting OBJ quite publicly, and it seemed like the star receiver was practically a Cowboy already.

- Yee haw!

- But with the Cowboys sitting at 10 and 3 and Odell allegedly still recovering from an ACL injury, Jerry Jones must have thought twice and ultimately decided that Hilton was the better option.

- If you say so.

- Or maybe OBJ is just taking these free dinners with team owners and has no intention of playing until playoff time.

- I suppose he said as much.

- Well, if that is the case, then I say--

- Well-played.

- And Odell is skilled as hell. We've even seen him throw two touchdown passes in the NFL. And after Kyler Murray went down with a non-contact injury on the third play of "Monday Tonight Football," Arizona could use some help at QB. Speaking of quarterbacks, so maybe Baker Mayfield might be a psychic.

- Where'd that come from?

- I'll tell you. After the quarterback was released from the Panthers, Baker allegedly purchased a plane ticket from Charlotte to Los Angeles before he knew the Rams would sign him.

- For real?

- For real. Apparently, Baker and his agent had a hunch that LA was in their future. But Baker purchased flight insurance just in case.

If this story is true, then Baker truly did have the craziest 48 hours of all time. Between his release, cramming a condensed Rams playbook into his brain, and then playing on Thursday night, all after just trusting the universe to figure it out for him, that's some wild [BLEEP]. I respect the fight insurance, though. Sure, I believe in the law of attraction as much as the next guy, but the law of attraction ain't going to refund you for unnecessary flights.