'When the fans turn - it’s the worst possible scenario'

Roy Hodgson and his assistant
Roy Hodgson and his assistant

Roy Hodgson says fans "have the right" to express their frustration at him and the club and he "takes it on the chin" as part of the job.

Pressure has continued to mount on the Crystal Palace boss and owners in recent weeks, and no more so than after their 4-1 thrashing to rivals Brighton last weekend.

Palace are just four points above the relegation zone and two points above Brentford who have a game in hand.

"When the fans turn it’s the worst possible scenario but you can understand it as we haven’t got going," said Hodgson.

"It’s the fact of life, we can’t change it with no words of mine or explanation.

"We have to get on with it and do the best we can for them. They are letting us know they’re not happy, we take it on board and on the chin because they have the right to do so."

The 76-year-old, who is out of contract at the end of the season, also said he understands the noise around his position at the club because "it's part of football".

"There's always speculation when there’s a bad run, so why should I be any different?" Hodgson added. "It’s not in my control, it doesn't affect my daily work or selecting the team and tactics.

"It’s from the outside and one has no option but to let things go by and accept it as part of football life."