Fans think Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are collaborating on a song

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Since Taylor Swift and Katy Perry squashed their “bad blood,”.

fans of both have been rooting for a collaboration between the two singers.

Here are the potential clues Twitter

users have pointed out so far:.

Perry announced that her next single, which is set to debut on May 15, will be called “Daisies”.

Less than two hours later, Swift shared

a photo of herself lounging at home.

wearing a sweater with —

wait for it — daisies on it.

A few hours after that, the “American Idol”

Twitter account reacted to the

news of judge Perry’s new music.

“We can’t wait to play this like

1,989 times in a row,” the account wrote.

Fans noted that the extremely

specific number “1,989” simply must

be a reference to Swift’s “1989” album.

Perry also shared a photo of

daisy shoes to Instagram.

“I don’t wanna be a clown

but ma’am,” one user wrote.

“It’s hard to ignore at

this point,” another said

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