Fans tear apart Tyson Fury over claim that Francis Ngannou poses tougher test than Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury has sparked backlash from boxing fans after claiming that Francis Ngannou poses a tougher test than Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury will box former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on 28 October, after talks with Usyk collapsed earlier this year. A bout between WBC champion Fury and unified champion Usyk would have crowned the first undisputed heavyweight champion in more than 20 years.

Instead, Usyk went on to beat mandatory challenger Daniel Dubois in August, ahead of Fury’s fight with Ngannou – in which the WBC belt is not on the line.

Speaking to Fight Hub TV on Thursday, Fury said: “Has [undisputed] ever been my priority? Did I ever say I wanted undisputed? It’s always been some other b***h’s dream, hasn’t it? ‘Undisputed, road to undisputed’.

“Listen, I’ve got Francis Ngannou to deal with. And should the other little sausage want to fight for undisputed, then if he takes a small percentage, we might make it happen. But if he wants a large bag, I’m gonna say: ‘No, thank you’.”

Ukrainian Usyk accepted a purse split of 75-25 per cent in Fury’s favour, only for talks to fall apart due to negotiations around the purse split in the rematch clause.

“I’ve not said anything, I’ve not even been out in public,” Fury said. “Have you heard anything from me at all? Since all of this, I’ve not said anything.

“[The reports] are all untrue, because if you didn’t hear me say it, it’s not true. The truth of the matter was, him and his team were s***houses. They got offered the fight at Wembley, it didn’t happen, and then we moved on. That was it.

“Now I’m fighting Francis Ngannou, who’s stepping up to the plate. And I think he’s gonna be a bit of a bigger, tougher challenge than these other guys. These other guys are just boxers; this guy’s more than that.”

Fans took to the comment section to hit out at Fury, 35, for the latter claim.

Tyson Fury, left, and Francis Ngannou will fight in October (James Manning/PA) (PA Wire)
Tyson Fury, left, and Francis Ngannou will fight in October (James Manning/PA) (PA Wire)

“Total joke,” wrote one user. “It’s almost like Fury is going out of his way to make boxing fans depressed. I still think Fury is an excellent boxer but I’ve also lost all respect for him now.”

Another wrote, “Strip Tyson. WBC credibility almost gone,” while one said: “Fury is trying so hard to make it out like this event isn’t a complete embarrassment.”

Another comment read: “What a disgrace to boxing! Usyk seeking to become undisputed while this clown is doing everything in his power to avoid him and keeping the last belt in his hands.”

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