Fans sing national anthem to honor vets in St. Louis (Video)

For many, going to watch sports is a way to escape the real world for a couple hours. Yet there are times when the real world can’t be left at the door of the arena.

Regardless of ones political beliefs or country of citizenship, it’s not difficult to conclude the past 24 hours have been rough in the United States. Finding something to unite a country so divided is difficult; however, the St. Louis Blues reminded everyone that if there is one group to unite for it’s military veterans.

The public address announcer asked the 19,000 in attendance at Scottrade Center to take over for the anthem singer and sing the rest of the Star Spangled Banner for those who have served our country.

The crowd obliged.

For a brief few moments, they were no longer Republicans versus Democrats or even Blues versus Chicago Blackhawks fans. They were simply Americans saying ‘thank you’ to those who’ve served so many of us don’t have to.

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