Fans side with Kim Kardashian after Taylor Swift calls her a bully

You Win Internet

Taylor Swift has hit the road! The pop star kicked off her highly anticipated "Reputation" world tour last night in Glendale, Ariz.

Taylor kept to her true self during the opening show and had a little real-talk moment with her fans about bullying and her reptile theme — there were a lot of snakes at the concert. The singer explained she hit a low point when “someone” called her a snake on social media. She even considered giving up music altogether, but she turned the scandal into a teachable moment with her fans.

Though Taylor didn’t use any names, it’s easy to assume who she’s talking about in the video. During the height of the great Taylor Swift-Kanye West feud of 2016, Kim Kardashian dissed the singer on Snapchat in a series of videos, and she did it on National Snake Day.

The 60,000 or so Swifties in the arena last night cheered as Taylor told her story of triumph over Kim the “bully,” but Twitter was not so kind to the singer. Overall, they sided with Kim!

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