Fans roast Nike's 2023-24 NBA City Edition uniforms across the board

Fans roast Nike's 2023-24 NBA City Edition uniforms across the board originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

All 30 NBA City Edition jerseys leaked on social media this week, and fans have questions, comments and concerns about some of this year's design choices.

Each year, Nike unveils a new alternate uniform for each team, dubbed the "City Edition. The NBA has stated that the special jerseys are meant to "represent the stories, history and heritage that make each franchise unique – honoring the inherent bond between, court, community and culture.”

There are hits and misses every year, but for the most part, the City Editions have been well-received since Nike debuted the concept when it took over as the league's official jersey manufacturer back in 2017.

Fans, however, are not as pleased with the 2023-24 batch of uniforms, with the general consensus being that Nike fumbled most of this year's designs.

Here are some fan reactions to encapsulate how a lot of people are feeling about their favorite team's alternate jersey for this season.

This popular X user thinks they can do better. To be honest, I don't hate it.

This was low-key one of the better jerseys, too.

As if this user needed another reason to be depressed.

This person is threating legal action. Quite frankly, he may have a case.

Peaceful protest is a First Amendment right.

Wizards forward and known fashionista Kyle Kuzma chimed in with a thoughtful critique of the City Edition concept as a whole.

Does anyone know where they were going with this font layout?

The Nets' jerseys were designed by American artist Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS. Nonetheless, Steph was not impressed.

This TikTok user gave a solid break down of where some of these design choices went wrong.

Disappointed fans can take solace in the fact that the teams will only have to wear this jersey for a handful of games throughout the season.

The Bulls debut their City Edition uniforms at home on Nov. 3 against the Nets. Here's a list of all the other dates Zach LaVine and Co. will be rocking their new threads.

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