Fans can't stop posting about watermelons following 'Big Brother' eviction

Going into the live eviction on Big Brother Thursday night, there was a big shift in power after Cliff Hogg III campaigned, made some deals and joined a new alliance of six houseguests, which solidified Kathryn Dunn's eviction.

Following Kat's eviction, the new alliance made up of Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco, Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone, Nicole Anthony and Cliff thought they were now running the house and were ready to pick off Jackson Michie and Holly Allen. However, in a surprise twist, the viewers were actually rooting for Jackson Michie to win HOH... and he did!

Michie’s HOH win then started a flood of watermelon pictures in the #BB21 feed.

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Some viewers posted hilarious tweets about Michie's HOH room being filled with watermelons, while others joked about production needing to stock up in preparation for his HOH.

So, what's up with all the watermelons?

Last week, fans were watching Michie with a super close eye and picked up on the houseguest's obsession with watermelon.

In fact, on Big Brother's homepage on CBS's website, Michie even stated in his bio that one of the most difficult parts of living inside the BB house would be not getting his daily watermelon.

So, there you have it. Michie is the new HOH and now he’ll definitely have watermelon for days.

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