Fans Can't Get Enough Of This Special Guest In Jennifer Garner's 'Pretend Cooking Show'

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Whenever I’m cooking up a dish I love, I always imagine I’m cooking for an audience or am narrating what I’m doing for a show: Add half your parsley now, but save the rest for garnish. I’m not the biggest fan of carrots. How about you all at home? PLEASE tell me I’m not alone! At least with Jennifer Garner’s aptly named Pretend Cooking Show I know that she does the same thing. The only difference is that she broadcasts it to her millions of followers on social media.

If you’re unfamiliar, the actress and home cook shares videos of her cooking her fave recipes in a cheeky and real way, mistakes and bloopers included. As if we couldn’t love her anymore!

In this latest video, she is cooking up a blackberry cobbler with her mama Patricia Ann Garner and their relationship couldn’t be any cuter. The video of the “potluck favorite” starts off with her sneaky mom popping a blackberry in her mouth while Garner washes the rest of the berries behind her. It's added to a baking dish, and the topping of sugar, flour, salt, and egg are mixed together. In true mother-daughter cooking fashion, the two banter.

“Are we supposed to have buttered or prepared that pan at all?” Garner says to her mom, pointing out the baking dish with the berries, lemon and almond extract. “We probably should have, honey, but it’s gonna have to work cause we didn’t,” her mom replies.

Fans are loving the special guest. The comments range from “This looks heavenly. Mamma strikes again. Bravo,” to “The cutest seeing you two cook together!!” As the two bring the dessert together, the topping is sprinkled all over the blackberries. Finally, a pot of melted butter is poured all over the top.

“You’re doing a good job, Jen,” her mom says. Immediately, her face lights up, ecstatic she has the stamp of approval. “Thanks, Mom!” Moments later, a bubbly, steaming purple and tan masterpiece is pulled from the oven. Jen and her mom eat the cobbler warm, alongside vanilla ice cream.

For the recipe and all the rest of Pretend Cooking Show, check out Garner’s Instagram.

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