Fangio: Broncos won’t take action against Melvin Gordon

Mike Florio
·1 min read

After missing a game with strep throat, Broncos running back Melvin Gordon has returned to practice and exited the injury report. He’ll continue to play for the Broncos indefinitely, last week’s DUI arrest notwithstanding.

Despite some initial belief that the Broncos may discipline Gordon, the team has since realized that the league has jurisdiction over these matters, and that the team must stand down.

“This is a situation that has been collectively bargained by the union and the league,” Broncos coach Vic Fangio told PFT by phone after Sunday’s 18-12 win over the Patriots. “It carries some really harsh penalties for him. We’re gonna monitor that, see how it goes. If the league penalties are what we think they’ll be, that’ll be the extent of the penalties. But we’ll keep monitoring it.”

The 2020 CBA increased the minimum suspension for DUI from two games to three. But the penalties aren’t applied until the case is resolved. As a practical matter, Gordon likely will be able to play out the balance of the 2020 season, with punishment ultimately coming no earlier than 2021.

Regardless, any punishment for Gordon will come not from the team but from the league. For now, it means Gordon will continue to be available to play.

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