Fan tries to steal LeBron’s headband right off his head after Bulls snap Heat streak at 27 (Video)

"I know that a lot of my fouls are not basketball plays," LeBron James said after his Miami Heat fell to the Chicago Bulls, 101-97, on Wednesday night. The loss marked the first time in nearly eight weeks that Miami couldn't come all the way back from an early deficit and dropping the reeling Heat to a lowly 27-1 over the last 28 days; clearly, this is a team in crisis.

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It's bad enough getting dragged to the ground by Kirk Hinrich and getting clocked in the head by Taj Gibson ... but it's a bit much when the fouling keeps going even after the game, as it did when James headed back to the visiting locker room and a United Center fan got a bit overzealous in the search for a souvenir. I mean, that's REALLY not a basketball play.

Our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute captured the partisan's poor-form probe:

Listen, just because LeBron has freely given his headbands away in the past (and, in fact, does so after just about every game), that doesn't mean it's OK for you to just reach down from the stands and try to yank it off him as he walks past you. In fact, you know what's a pretty good rule of thumb? Don't just reach out for people's heads. Like, in any walk of life. Especially not the heads of people you don't know, and especially when said people you don't know have just experienced defeat for the first time since Feb. 1, meaning they're feeling anger and disappointment in a way they haven't in quite a while. When in doubt, remember George Sr.: No touching.

In reality, this kind of thing happens a lot as players leave the floor — cast your mind back to a fan snagging a towel off Kobe Bryant's shoulder just three weeks ago, if you will — but that doesn't really mean that it should. Physical fan-player interactions work out great when the player's into it and on-board; they're not so good when they're surprising, unwelcome and unsettling. There's got to be a better way to get a giant piece of cloth that's soaked in sweat, right?

If the clip above isn't rocking for you, feel free to check out the uncool grab elsewhere, thanks to our pal @cjzero.

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