Fan sacrifices beer to steal a home run for Padres' Eric Hosmer

If Eric Hosmer is looking for new and exciting ways to spend his $144 million contract with the San Diego Padres, he can start by buying a certain fan a beer.

Of course we’re talking about the fan who ended up sacrificing his beer Friday night at Petco Park to literally help steal a home run for San Diego’s first baseman.

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The odd incident took place during the fifth inning of San Diego’s 9-4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Hosmer skied a fly ball to deep left center that D-backs outfielder Jon Jay thought he had a chance to grab at the wall. That’s when said fan reached out his beer in an unsuccessful bid to catch the baseball and instead made quite a scene.

After the cup and baseball collided, beer splashed in every direction. The baseball ended up deflecting over the wall and bounced a couple seats away into the hands of another fan.

That’s right, the fan sacrificed his beer, yet he went home without a souvenir.

A Padres fan loses his beer but helps steal a home run for Eric Hosmer during Friday’s game at Petco Park. (MLB.TV)
A Padres fan loses his beer but helps steal a home run for Eric Hosmer during Friday’s game at Petco Park. (MLB.TV)

It wasn’t a total loss though. The rough sequence was aided by a Petco Park beer vender replacing his drink. He can also be thankful he wasn’t ejected on top of all that. If fan interference had been ruled, that would have been his fate.

The umpires immediately ruled it a home run, but few thought that would stand. Not even Hosmer, who rounded the bases more quizzically than confidently. Once in the dugout he seemed to expect the worst as the D-backs called for a review. Much to his surprise, the fan’s relief and the D-backs dismay, the call on the field stood. Hosmer was officially credited with his 12th home run of the season and the fan got to stay.

In the end, the call helped Hosmer more than it hurt Arizona. After hitting 25 home runs each of the last two seasons in Kansas City, he was only on pace for 16 entering Friday. He definitely needed the boost this helpful fan provided.

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