Fan meeting was 'quite professional and slick'

Don't go to bed just yet
Don't go to bed just yet

Kaizer Chiefs' Simon Rix spoke about attending Leeds United's Q and A with new chairman Paraag Marathe on the Don't Go To Bed Just Yet podcast: "Paraag didn't want it to be a media event, he says he wants to be a background guy in the club. He doesn't want to be the guy making the headlines which is nice to hear.

"He just wanted to meet some fans and hear some opinions. It was just meeting a guy and getting to know his background. It was quite professional and slick. It felt fairly safe.

"It's nice to have someone who isn't crazy in charge! He isn't just saying loads of crazy stuff. He seems to know the job and wants to do a good job. He wants to use a team, and employ people who are specialists in certain areas.

"He did talk about the 49ers, and when he took the 49ers, it was a global brand that had won a load of Super Bowls, but it was one of the worst teams in the NFL. Last year they got into the play-offs. They are doing better now, and have a nice shiny new stadium. Leeds aren't in as bad of a position as they were in."

On a stadium expansion, Rix said: "They are going to do the stadium, they are going to start with the West Stand and then the North Stand. If we get promoted, the 49ers will get on with it. It would take a couple of years because they want to do it in situ."

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