Fan mails Knicks' J.R. Smith $60 as part of 'NBA 2K13' bet (Photo)

Good news, J.R. Smith — you just got a little bit of help with that $25,000 Twitter fine.

After Smith and the rest of the Knicks spent Sunday licking their wounds following a 20-point drubbing by the Atlanta Hawks and trying to find some balance amid a sea of rumored changes, J.R. took to Twitter — naturally — and Instagram to share a particularly kind piece of fan mail he'd received:

We don't know what the bulk of the letter said — although you've got to feel for any author who feels compelled to apologize for "sloppy ass handwriting" and the chance that he might have "bored [J.R.] with this long ass letter" — but we can certainly make out the post-script:

P.S. Here's $60. I know money ain't a thing to you but my friend bet me $120 I couldn't put up more points with you than his Heat on 2K13. Figure I split the pot with you since I made you look good. haha jk

Clearly, though, the letter-writer wasn't "jk" about the scratch — even if you're on a three-year, $17.95 million contract, getting 60 bones for doing nothing but being in a video game sure seems like nice work if you can get it. (And speaking of work, the letter-writer who outscored the video-game Heat with J.R. alone sure seems to have put in his fair share. Nobody tell LeBron, D-Wade or Bosh.)

It'd be nice to see Smith pay his unexpected windfall forward in one form or another. Maybe he can head to a local arcade or family fun center and buy a bunch of kids tokens for the Pop-A-Shot machine. After all, if you're going to have a lifelong commitment to chucking up shots, you might as well spread the love/USPS-delivered wealth.

Hat-tip to MSG's Alan Hahn.

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