Famous Las Vegas sign to get Silver & Black makeover ahead of NFL Draft

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We are days away from the NFL converging on Las Vegas for the NFL Draft. With the Raiders calling the city home for the past couple of seasons, the NFL has been eager to put any and all festivities in the self-described entertainment capital of the world.

Thus this is the league’s second attempt to hold their draft festivities in Sin City. The first was thwarted by the pandemic.

With the Raiders playing host to the draft, County officials will join Raiders president Dan Ventrelle in literally coloring the Las Vegas sign Silver & Black. The ceremony will take place on Monday at 10:30 am

That’s right, the famous ‘Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign will be adorned in Raiders colors. So, when fans and NFL media from around the country arrive, they will be reminded immediately that Las Vegas is the home of the Silver & Black.

The pitch-black Allegiant Stadium aka ‘The Deathstar’ adjacent to the strip might also serve as a reminder of that. Even if no one will be actually taking the stage for most of the first two days of the draft to announce any Raiders draft selections. Their first pick is at 86 overall (as of right now) due to trading their first two picks to Green Bay to acquire WR Davante Adams.


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