The famous Jeremy Lin couch has vanished

The most famous couch in New York sports history has gone missing.

Earlier this year, when he was an unheralded and unknown rookie taking up space on the bottom of the New York Knicks roster, Jeremy Lin was also taking up space on various couches across New York.

Lin wasn't a couch-surfing moocher, exactly; he was waiting for an $800,000 contract to vest, and while he did so, he spent some time on the couches of both his brother and former teammate Landry Fields. It was Fields' couch pictured above, in fact, upon which Lin slept the night before his Feb. 4 breakout game against the Washington Wizards, where he scored 793 points, sang opera while doing so, and cured the sniffles of a little girl he sprinkled with sweat at courtside, thus sparking the creation of the worldwide religion known as Linsanity. (It is entirely possible this tale may have grown somewhat in the telling.)

These days, both Lin and Fields are gone after the Knicks declined to match offers from the Rockets and the Raptors, respectively. Before a preseason game, Fields recently revealed that the famous couch is no longer in his possession:

"It was a rental couch," Fields told the New York Post. "I had to give it back. I wonder if they even know (the couch's fame). It's probably boxed up." That wailing sound you just heard? That was the moan of memorabilia dealers all over the greater New York metropolitan area, seeing the chance at a one-of-a-kind collectible vanish into a warehouse, Indiana Jones-style. If baseball card companies carve up old bats and jerseys for collectible purposes, you think they'd hesitate one second to slice that couch to valuable bits? (Which would probably be the best thing for that monstrosity, honestly.)

Anyway, so the Lin Couch is no more. Hopefully it's gone to a good and loving home. We could think of a few suggestions.

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