Family sues LaMelo Ball for allegedly running over son's foot, breaking it

Charlotte Hornets v Atlanta Hawks
Charlotte Hornets v Atlanta Hawks

The family of Angell Joseph is suing LaMelo Ball and the Hornets organization, claiming Ball ran over their then 11-year-old son's foot when driving away from the team's annual Purple and Teal Day last October.

The mother, Tamaria McRae, told her story to WSOC-TV 9 in Charlotte.

Tamaria McRae says last Oct. 7, after a Charlotte Hornets event, fans were outside the arena, going up to players as they left [to get their autographs]... She says Ball did not sign anything and drove off.

"I just seen my son kind of go down and I thought maybe he had dropped something," she said. But she says Angell had not dropped anything, that Ball had driven over his foot, breaking it.

The family's attorney, Cameron DeBrun, said they cannot file a claim with Ball's insurance to cover their medical bills because the police report does not mention Ball by name or his insurer. He said that left them with no choice but to sue. He added that the Hornets organization was added to the lawsuit because it was an official team event.

Neither Ball nor the Hornets have made any public statements on the lawsuit.

McRae said that this hurt her son more than physically, he was depressed because of how he felt treated by one of his idols.

This lawsuit is in its earliest stages. Most lawsuits like this are settled and never get to trial.