Family starts sweet bucket list for their senior dog

Sweet Spot

Melissa Davis and her family adopted Kaylee the dog in June. Melissa’s daughter, Raven, wanted to give an elderly pet a home before it died. Davis agreed, and found Kaylee at the BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore.

Davis and her entire family quickly fell in love with the dog’s “sweet face.” They knew that Kaylee had health problems, and after further tests were run, they discovered that she was suffering from terminal cancer. The dog’s new family decided to start “Kaylee’s Bucket List” to give their pet some memorable moments before she died. First on the list was something she already had: a forever home. Some of the other items on the list: eat a burger, go out for ice cream, have breakfast in bed.

After seven months filled with love and fun, Kaylee completed her final bucket list challenge: have the best day ever and fall asleep in my mom’s arms. Davis said, “We talk about how much we wish there was a magical pill that could have taken away Kaylee’s symptoms and given her more time with us.” The family hopes to honor Kaylee’s memory by encouraging others to adopt senior pets.

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