A family of four can attend a minor-league baseball game for about $66

Major League Baseball ticket prices got you down? Between tickets, transportation, food, drink and souvenirs, attending a major-league game can get pretty expensive for a family of four.

That’s a popular sentiment among fans. Any time there’s an article about the economic issues within the game, it’s guaranteed you’ll see a comment exclaiming, “Why can’t I take my family to a game anymore?”

There is at least one solution for baseball-loving fans. Why not see your local minor-league team? On average, a family of four could attend a minor-league baseball game for $66.17 in 2017, according to a survey conducted by the Minor League Baseball Communications Department. That figure includes includes two adult tickets, two child tickets, four hotdogs, two sodas, two beers and parking.

A study performed in 2016 by GOBankingRates said the cost for two people to attend a Major League Baseball game was $77.92. That figure includes tickets, hotdogs, beers and parking. That $77 figure has likely increased in the time since that survey was taken.

If you’re looking for a couple’s date night in the minors, you could have made that happen for $33.66 last year. By comparison, it costs $40 to park in some lots surrounding Nationals Park. If you just want to go alone, you’re looking at paying roughly $20.

The minor leagues provide an affordable baseball experience. (Getty Images)
The minor leagues provide an affordable baseball experience. (Getty Images)

There are other advantages, obviously. There are more minor-league teams spread out across the country, so fans who don’t have access to major-league parks have more opportunities to see games.

Minor-league games also provide a different atmosphere, which is typically more geared toward families. Fans seem to agree, voting Minor League Baseball as the league with the most “family friendly game/event experience” in a Sports Business Journal survey.

From a gameplay perspective, it’s a chance to see your favorite team’s top prospects before they hit the majors. You can brag to your friends that you knew about Michael Kopech before he hits the majors.

And if you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll see the Trenton Thunder bat dog. That’s got to be worth the admission price, right?

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