Fall Ball Takeaways: Ducks kick off 2022 season with first practice

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Oregon Duck fans can now rejoice. The offseason is officially over, and football season is here.

The Ducks kicked off their first fall practice of the 2022 season, marking to start to Dan Lanning’s first year with the Ducks. After months of spring ball and a long offseason, all of the storylines have led us to here, and we are finally starting to get some answers.

As was the case during the spring, media members were allowed into the first 15-20 minutes of practice, able to watch stretching drills, as well as a few postional drills and special teams, work as well.

Here are a few instant takeaways we had from the action:

QB-Center Pairings

In the 15 minutes of practice that media members were allowed to watch on Friday, there weren’t many things to take note of. However, we did see quarterbacks and centers break apart to take snaps from under center and work on dropbacks. The pairings were as follows:

  • Bo Nix and Alex Forsyth

  • Ty Thompson and Ryan Walk

  • Jay Butterfield and Kanen Rossi

  • Jake Van Dyne and Holden Whipple

It’s the first practice of the season. Taking any piece of information and running with it to a point where we think it tells us who will be the starting QB for the 2022 season is crazy. Despite that, noting that Nix is with the veteran most player at the position is worth something. We will keep an eye on this going forward.


Dan Lanning's Core Words

The south wall at the HDC Practice Fields got a bit of a makeover in the offseason, where they now feature four new words that represent the core principles that Dan Lanning wants to instill in his team. Connection, Toughness, Growth, and Sacrifice.

Non-full participants

Again, I will note that media members were only allowed to watch a very small portion of practice, but during that time, there were two players who were noticeably off to the side working on strengthening drills, rather than with the rest of the team.

Those players were OL T.J. Bass and WR Justius Lowe.

Again, there is a chance that both players joined the team later in the practice and participated in full. I’m just reporting what I saw.


One of the things we noticed was introduced in the Dan Lanning era this spring was the fact that the head coach used a microphone over a loudspeaker to direct drills during practice. As media members were leaving the field, Lanning could be heard getting on a player for not being tough enough. It’s unclear which player he was talking to.

“That’s not tough enough! You aren’t getting the ball like that. You have to be tougher!”

This would go back to the core words that Lanning has on the south wall, and also goes to show that if you aren’t performing at the level you should, the coach is not afraid to make it known.

NFL Scouts

It’s a very common thing in college practices, but there was a trio of NFL scouts in attendance on Friday, with representatives from the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Chargers, and the New Orleans Saints.



Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire