Falcons using giant flat screen to review plays during practice

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. - The Atlanta Falcons have added a new giant flat screen in Flowery Branch, but it's not for movie night.

Falcons' defensive coordinator, Raheem Morris, brought an innovative idea from Los Angeles: overhead cameras that record plays during practice. These plays are then instantly replayed on loop and shown on the new flat screen, allowing coaches and players to review and correct their performance in real-time. Morris emphasizes the importance of immediate feedback, which helps the team make necessary adjustments without waiting until the next day.

Some players are still getting used to the new video boards, while others appreciate the instant insights they provide. "At first, I thought it would be distracting, but I haven't looked at it once during a play," one player mentioned. Another added, "It's great for reviewing errors or good plays right after they happen, so we can improve immediately."

Quarterback Kirk Cousins, who used similar technology with his former team, the Minnesota Vikings, believes this will soon be a standard practice across the NFL.

"In Minnesota, it took me a while to train myself to use the resource, but now I rely on it. When the play ends, I immediately look over to review," Cousines said.

Cousins hopes to enhance this system further by adding more replay screens on the practice field. For the Falcons, peeking at the TV during practice is not just allowed—it's encouraged.