Falcons superfan doesn’t appreciate 28-3 jokes

One of the coolest aspects of the NFL draft is how the league gives superfans the opportunity to go up on stage and announce a pick for their favorite team. The downside is NFL fans are savages and they will not hold back when they get a chance to take a shot at a fan of another team.

The Falcons fan in the video below learned this the hard way. After going up and announcing the Falcons’ pick, a heckler in the audience threw out the immortal “28-3” joke and of course, the fan didn’t find the humor in it. He clapped back as he stormed off the stage.

The reference was to Super Bowl LI when the Falcons jumped out to a 28-3 lead in the first half, never scoring again and ultimately losing to the New England Patriots 34-28.

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Story originally appeared on Draft Wire