Falcons raising ticket prices for first time in new stadium

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

It’s going to be more expensive to by cheap food and drink.

The Falcons are increasing season ticket prices for the first time since moving into their new stadium in 2017, via Sports Business Daily.

The average price will increase by an average of 1.2 percent per seat, but two thirds of the tickets will cost the same or less. This means, obviously, that one third of the seats will be increasing by more than 1.2 percent.

Most of the increased ticket prices apply in the 100 level, where the face value will jump by as much as four percent. The 200 level of the venue will have some seats increase in price by up to four percent, but some will drop by as much as four percent.

The 300 level has some seats dropping by as much as a whopping 15 percent.

Images from Falcons home games have created a clear impression that the Falcons are struggling to fill the venue. The fact that the team hasn’t done well doesn’t help.

Unlike most teams, the Falcons keep prices for items at the concession stand incredibly low. But that won’t matter, of course, if enough people aren’t there to buy them.

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