Falcons odds to win NFC and Super Bowl rise after easy schedule release

May 29—According to the oddsmakers and the experts over at The Athletic, the Atlanta Falcons are among the top teams in the NFC to win the conference and the Super Bowl.

Currently, the Falcons have the fourth best odds to win the NFC, behind San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas, with a 73.4% chance. Atlanta is said to have a 4.4% chance to win the Super Bowl behind the favorite 49ers (13.1%), the Chiefs (11.5%), the Eagles and Ravens (9.1%), the Cowboys (7.4%), and the Bills and Lions (4.6%).

It's no surprise that the Falcons have high odds to win the NFC. This is the time to be good in the NFC South.

The Panthers are in turmoil amidst their total rebuild and the Saints, despite their 9-8 record in 2023, feel very stagnant and a likely three or four years from making any real strides. Tamp Bay is really the only true threat, and no one is really taking them more seriously than their 9-8 record demands. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn't pick Atlanta to win the NFC South division.

The Falcons will have a rough path to the Super Bowl as the NFC's top teams feel borderline unbeatable. The 49ers and Eagles have each played for a title in the last two years. The Lions were one win away from making the Super Bowl and secured one of the most improbable comeback seasons ever.

The Cowboys are always a threat, though they have continuously fallen short in the postseason, and now you have to watch out for Chicago and Caleb Williams. If that No. 1 pick works out like many think it will then it's anyones guess as to who will emerge atop the NFC pile in the 2024-2025 season.

But, you can't count the Falcons out. They are, honestly, a lot like the Bears except they have a proven NFL quarterback. A team with a new QB, surrounded by lots of scary weapons and a new head coach.

However, one advantage that Atlanta has over the rest of the NFL is the ease of their schedule. According to Sharp Football Analysis, the Falcons have the easiest schedule in the NFL by far.

They will take on the Eagles and the Chiefs back-to-back in weeks two and three, but that is the toughest test. Of course, being in the NFC South helps. You get to play three teams who sit int he back half of the power rankings twice, including the Panthers who are the worst team in the league.

On top of that, many of the teams on the Falcons schedule are either in a rebuild or a retool. The Falcons will play the Chargers, who have a new head coach, the Seahawks, who have a new head coach, and the Broncos, who will be starting a rookie QB. Speaking of rookie quarterbacks, the Falcons will face the Vikings, who just lost their franchise QB to Atlanta and will likely start a rookie, and the Commanders who will definitely be starting Jayden Daniels, a rookie.

This is the time for the Falcons. They took a leap and solidified their quarterback room in free agency and the draft because 81-year-old owner Arthur Blank wants to win a Super Bowl. They are the best team in their division and have the easiest schedule in the league. Now is the time for the Falcons to make a run at a Super Bowl.