Falcons' Bijan Robinson among those with rare, perfect NCAA tourney bracket

Atlanta Falcons running back Bijan Robinson predicted that Texas will win the 2024 NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. File Photo by James Atoa/UPI

March 22 (UPI) -- Atlanta Falcons star Bijan Robinson is known for his unique football skillset, but he also apparently has a rare gift for picking NCAA men's basketball tournament winners, as his bracket remains perfect through 16 games.

The NCAA's MarchMadnessMBB X account posted Thursday night that just .00038% of submissions in its bracket challenge remain perfect, including Robinson's entry.

"Perfect Day 1, haha," Robinson wrote on X. "Kinda dope."

Robinson's boldest prediction was picking the No. 14 Oakland Grizzlies to upset the No. 3 Kentucky Wildcats. He also correctly picked the advancement of No. 11 seeds Duquesne, Oregon and N.C. State, who all upset No. 6 seeds.

The NCAA reported that about 2,100 of more than 29 million entries -- including on its website, ESPN, Yahoo and CBS -- remain perfect.

ESPN reported that just 1,825 out of 22,112,822 entries remain perfect in its Men's Tournament Challenge. After Oakland's upset of Kentucky, CBS reported that just 0.09 brackets on its website remained perfect. Yahoo Sports reported only 116 of its submissions remain flawless.

Robinson, who starred at Texas before joining the Falcons as the No. 8 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, predictively picked the No. 7 Longhorns to beat No. 10 Colorado State in the first round. In fact, he expects the Longhorns to beat No. 1 overall seed UConn in the national title game.

The Falcons star expects two double-digit seeds (No. 12 Grand Canyon and No. 11 N.C. State) to reach the Elite Eight. His projected Sweet 16 features those same teams, in addition to No. 10 Colorado.

Robinson's upset picks for the second wave of first-round games include Colorado, Grand Canyon and No. 15 Western Kentucky. He expects No. 3 Baylor and No. 1 Houston to join Texas and UConn in the Final Four.

No. 8 Florida Atlantic will play No. 9 Northwestern in the first game of the second wave of first-round games. That matchup will tip off at 12:15 p.m. EDT in Brooklyn and air on CBS.