Fake win-win trade: Chiefs trade multiple picks to Titans to draft Brock Bowers | Zero Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz is joined by NFL writer Frank Schwab to debate whether Tennessee should trade down in this year’s draft to accumulate more picks and allow the Chiefs to grab the standout tight end from Georgia. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: We're both in agreement that the Chiefs could be active this year, but give me a wild scenario with the Chiefs.

FRANK SCHWAB: The math on this, actually, works out pretty well, where the Chiefs have 32. They're a second round pick, which is late in the second round. And next year's first, all the way up to seven. With the Tennessee Titans, who goodness knows the Tennessee Titans need draft picks, so this works out for them.

And then the Chiefs draft Brock Bowers. I love Brock Bowers. I know that people are talking about him sliding, him getting into the teens or whatever. I don't think he gets past the Jets at 10. So the Chiefs have to get above 10.

Kelce is still there, but if anybody could devise an offense with two dynamic tight ends it is Andy Reid. You put Kelce and Bowers on the same field together. I love Bowers. I think he's one of the best tight ends coming out of college I've ever seen.

The Titans get their draft picks, the Chiefs could dynamic offensive weapon, an obvious Kelce replacement. Who loses? Who says no to this?

JASON FITZ: So, your trade is garbage because if the Titans move out of seven, then the Titans have hit a level of stupid I didn't know existed. Because I'm pretty sure--

FRANK SCHWAB: They need picks. They need volume. You're getting a second and two first--

JASON FITZ: They need an offensive line. They need an offensive--

FRANK SCHWAB: They do. They do.

JASON FITZ: --line and where they're going to be picking at seven, they're going to have their choice of probably-- I mean, I'm going to presume Joe Alt is off. If Joe Alt--


JASON FITZ: --is not off the board at seven, like, if Joe Alt's sitting there at seven, let me be very clear. Then at that point, Ran Carthon, the GM of the Titans, should just, again, tear away pants, and then just cartwheels all the way up, drop the card off, and do jazz hands all the way back because we got Joe Alt. Like, you get that and you fixed the whole thing. Now, my fear is sometimes we make this complicated.

The Titans offensive line is garbage and this is a great offensive line draft. Go out there and get your offensive linemen. But I do like your Brock Bowers moment for the Chiefs. I wonder if they could find the same style of deal to move up with, let's say, a team like Atlanta that may not have as many pressing--

FRANK SCHWAB: Maybe Atlanta.

JASON FITZ: I mean, Atlanta wants an edge rusher. We all feel like Atlanta is going to go with an edge rusher. The question is, can they get that edge rusher later? I don't know, but man, I feel like I love the concept.

And I also think you're right. As much as I would love to think the Jets are going to go offensive line in the draft, because I like to keep things simple and just try to draft fat guys, Bowers at 10 is just too enticing. There's no way he makes it past 10, in my mind.