Fake royal expert makes John Oliver question his own British-ness

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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver discussed Tommy Muscatello, who fooled several media outlets into thinking he was a British royal wedding expert named Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills, Esquire. While he appears British, Muscatello is really from Bolton Landing, New York.

Muscatello presented himself as overly British. From dressing like an extra from Downton Abbey to talking like Mr. Doolittle from My Fair Lady, he appeared to be a caricature of a British person.

John Oliver even took exception to the Muscatello's alter-ego. He said, "The name Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills Esq, however, is offensively British. That is the equivalent of a British person pretending to be an American and calling yourself Jefferson Budweiser McNuggets Jr. It's actively racist."

Muscatello insists that he is a royal expert and that the details of how became one does not matter. Playing Monday morning quarterback, Oliver suggested Muscatello should have done what another famous "fake" British celebrity did. Oliver said, If you really want to pull the wool over people's eyes, get a spot on The Daily Show, bide your time, perfect your fake accent, and eventually land your own weekly program on HBO." Oliver added, "Oh, have I said too much?"

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