Faithful 49ers in Kansas City plan Super Bowl watch party in Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Making plans for the Super Bowl? It’s pretty easy to find your flock if you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

But for the San Francisco 49ers Faithful living in the Red Kingdom, it’s easy said than done.

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But FOX4 sus’d out one group, Kansas City 49ers Faithful, which is planning their watch party at Fox and Hound in Overland Park for Super Bowl Sunday.

To explain their preference, some grew up on the west coast while others are drawn to the team legacy. And they all found each other.

“I’ve been a 49ers fan since January 10, 1982, which is my birthday. We moved here in ’88. My dad was in the Navy,” Dyonne Asaeli said.

Kansas City 49ers Faithful
Kansas City 49ers Faithful

“I grew up with the Rice era, the Montana era, and then obviously Young after that,” Ronnie Tilman, founder of the Kansas City 49ers Faithful, said.

“You see a Niners fan down the way and we’re not in Niners country. But it’s like ‘Hey!’ So once you find a group and you can have fun in your group, it’s better than sitting in your living room cheering by yourself or in your basement cheering with a couple buddies. You know, all of these people — faithful,” Tyree Tinsley said.

“When you go to a bar and you watch a Niners game, all you’ve got is Chiefs fans pretty much,” Tilman said.

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“If you’re not at a game, they’re cool. If you’re at a game, they aren’t,” Tilman said.

“I just ignore it, even in the grocery store, I’m walking with my hat on. I remember one Sunday at Sam’s I specifically went during a Chiefs game so it won’t be as busy. And I’m just minding my business. As I’m walking out a manager yells ‘go Chiefs.’ and I’m like ‘Well, we’re not playing you guys,” Asaeli said.

“Our defense is better. It’s great having Christian McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk,” Tilman said.

“Taylor Swift, she’s not on the field. So it doesn’t matter. You know, we just got to watch out for Kelce. But, you know, we have Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw for that,” Tinsley said.

“He’s born in Kansas,” Ivan Caballero, holding his 8-month-old son Izar, said. “So if they want to root for the Chiefs, we’re good with that. If they want to follow the Niners, it’s good.”

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Patriots? Not that good,” Caballero said.

The group is planning to get together here on Super Bowl Sunday starting at 3 p.m. They will be on one half of the restaurant.

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