Faith Pavalonis Representing Team USA Overseas at the Junior Olympics

Faith Pavalonis Representing Team USA Overseas at the Junior Olympics

When 8th grade begins in the fall Faith Pavalonis might have the best answer when the teacher asked what was the highlight of your summer.

“I know we fly to Chicago to meet our team and then we go to Germany for a few days we stay there and then we go to Austria stay in Austria and then we go to Italy,” Pavalonis said.

Pavalonis will tour Europe on top of playing basketball after being selected to Team USA. For the Junior Olympics. The 13 year old from Moosic has the chance to face a new type of competition while overseas.

“Oh girls I’ve never played before meeting new people and getting to play with them. It’s just great going against these teams are going to be a difficult and I just have to know I got to keep up with them.”

Pavalonis plays AAU for the Wyoming Valley Clutch and Irelyn Jannuzzi has been coaching her since fourth grade and for Jannuzzi, this accomplishment feels like a proud mom moment.

“Hopefully I’ve been the one you know pushing her and being sort of a role model for her that kind of led her to get this opportunity,” Jannuzzi said.

Faith Pavalonis will travel to three countries this summer for team USA basketball to play in the United World Games. She’s prepared months to take on some of the best basketball talent in the world.

“As I’m growing getting taller driving has been getting a lot better because I’m getting stronger and being able to finish and sending me to a free throw and and I know I can knock down free throws.”

“She’s a very dynamic player. She can play all different positions. So I think being that player for our team specifically is definitely helping her prepared to not only be an a point guard position, but also being able to guard girls that play the five.”

And Pavalonis is hoping the experience she gets playing against other countries will translate to her eighth grade season and later on at Riverside High School.

“It’s going to give her a lot of exposure to playing against different countries, different players, different coaches.”

“I’m going over there playing a much difficult pace and hoping my eighth grade my ninth-grade year I’ll start varsity.”

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