Could Fab Five feud be close to ending? Jalen Rose says he's in touch with Chris Webber

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For years, Chris Webber and Jalen Rose — two key members of Michigan’s legendary Fab Five team — have held firm in an icy standoff.

According to Rose, that standoff may soon be coming to an end. The current ESPN analyst told the Boston Globe that he is in touch with Webber and they plan to privately settle their differences.

From the Globe:

“We’re in contact currently and we’re brothers,” Rose said of Webber. “So I always feel like anything that we need to say needs to be face to face, eyeball to eyeball, without any distractions, without any hype, without any camera. That’s the big-boy way to do that. That’s my brother.”

The relationship reportedly began defrosting once fellow Fab Five member Juwan Howard was named head coach of the Wolverines, a landmark step for a group responsible for a massive part of Michigan basketball history yet holds very little official acknowledgement from the school.

Rose predicted Howard’s hiring would help bring the group back together, and that might be coming true. The feud stems from the fallout of the booster scandal that resulted in Michigan vacating the team’s Final Four trips, with Rose repeatedly calling on Webber to apologize for his role in the scheme.

There was also some mild drama over Webber’s lack of involvement in the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary and Webber’s mentality over his infamous timeout in the 1993 national championship game against North Carolina, as well as Webber’s association, or lack thereof, with the school.

Now, it’s Rose’s hope that the school will put up a special banner for the Fab Five, and maybe even the Basketball Hall of Fame as well.

From the Globe:

“None of our jerseys are retired, but one of us is the coach of the team,” Rose said. “I watch a lot of college basketball, I see their numbers get retired, and I’m happy for them. I did three years at Michigan, they have to do one black banner, put the maize and blue on the outside of it, and put the five numbers up there and still let the people wear the numbers. Make it a Fab Five banner.

“I hope it doesn’t take something to happen to one of us in order for it to take place. And the Basketball Hall of Fame, too, we can’t get a plaque in there? Give us our flowers while we’re still here.”

The Fab Five's complicated legacy includes some complicated relationships. (AP Photo)
The Fab Five's complicated legacy includes some complicated relationships. (AP Photo)

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