'F--- yeah!': Alvin Gentry and the Pels ticket office had amazing reactions to NBA lottery

The New Orleans Pelicans were pretty pumped about winning the NBA draft lottery. Both the team ticket office and coach Alvin Gentry erupted in celebration following the reveal that the Pels would have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. The best part: They showed their emotions in different ways.

For Gentry, that meant some profanity.

Upon hearing the Pelicans would pick first in the NBA draft, Gentry let out a “F--- yeah” in the lottery room. After it sunk in, Gentry shared a joyful moment with the team’s executive vice president of basketball operations, David Griffin.

While Gentry’s reaction was wonderful, the Pelicans’ ticket office may have done him one better.

This is what pure elation looks like:

Was that an overreaction for a draft pick? We think not. By all accounts, Duke Blue Devils stud Zion Williamson was the consensus best player in college basketball last season. He wasn’t just excellent, but basketball fans were drawn to him. They wanted to hear about him and watch him play constantly.

Drafting Williamson should do some fantastic things for the Pelicans’ ticket office. Everyone in that room has plenty of reason to scream at the top of their lungs. Their jobs — at least for this offseason — just got a lot easier.

There is still one tough question facing the Pelicans. What will Anthony Davis do now that the team has the ability to draft Zion Williamson?

That’s a question for another day. For now, everyone involved with the Pelicans has hope. They are allowed to completely let their emotions take over for a few seconds.

David Griffin and Alvin Gentry.
Alvin Gentry had a profane reaction to the Pelicans getting the No. 1 pick. (AP Photo/Nuccio DiNuzzo)


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