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Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Eric Edholm discuss the recent contract extensions the Cardinals handed out to GM Steve Keim and Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. Will the Arizona quarterback be next? It would be a smart move for the injury prone Murray to sign an extension now. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Steve Keim, Kliff Kingsbury get extended, OK, through 2027. Pretty interesting for this to happen in the midst of, well, geez what's going on with Kyler? All these different things. I think Kyler-- and I said this before, but I'm going to reiterate a little bit more here. I really, truly believe that some of these quarterbacks, if they have good year threes, try to get that deal done. Because if you don't get that deal done after year three and something happens in year four--

And I brought up Baker before like, hey, look at what happened with Baker. You could very much complicate what happens with the outcome of that player's career. The trajectory could change dramatically. And they know that Kyler has been banged up--


CHARLES ROBINSON: --fairly consistently. He's dealt with injuries so far the first three years of his career. I don't think he finished last season healthy at all and--

ERIC EDHOLM: Yeah, I agree. He was hurt for a big chunk of that year, I think. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: But I think he finished hurt too. That's the thing.

ERIC EDHOLM: Absolutely.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Low key, I think part of the problem in that postseason was that Kyler not healthy.


CHARLES ROBINSON: Now I think that was weighing on the camp wanting to get something done, also weighing on the team going, I don't know about this. But I do think that the five-year extension is really interesting. Because this is the team, if I'm Sean Payton, I'm sitting there going, I don't know how I feel about ownership. But I think I can probably do something good with Kyler.

There's definitely talent on that roster. And that could have been a marquee position. Now I presented this to a couple other people in the league that know Sean, know all this stuff, and they're like, dude, don't overthink it. They're like, just stick with the Cowboys.


CHARLES ROBINSON: So I'm like, OK, but you don't just sign people to five-year extensions and dump them one year later. That rarely happens. So people--

ERIC EDHOLM: Absolutely not.

CHARLES ROBINSON: --should buckle in for a bit. I think we're in for the Kliff Kingsbury experience and Kyler for the next couple of years.

ERIC EDHOLM: Yeah, and watching the team fade down the stretch-- I mean, obviously, there are a lot of factors, including Murray and Murray's health. But how much of that is a coaching aspect too? Murray was taken one year after Josh Rosen was the trade-up target inside the top 10. Obviously, there's a bind of some sort to Murray because he's your only option right now. But at the same point, this is a team that's shown that it will pivot very quickly at quarterback, if needed.

So, yeah, there's just a lot of elements to this that are fascinating. It's not a team that often gets sort of front-page treatment in the NFL media circles along with some of these teams that we've talked about like the Jags and Panthers and whatnot. But, boy, this is a big-league story in terms of franchise impact or whatever. And, yeah, I'm with you. I think it's absolutely smart for Murray to want to capitalize as best they can on some money right now and lock in that deal, even if it's taking less on the front end that they may have earned if goes out and wins the MVP next year or what have you.


ERIC EDHOLM: I think it's still smarter to do it that way. I wouldn't do a deal in the same way that Josh Allen six years or Pat Mahomes 10 years would.


ERIC EDHOLM: But I would do it shorter and see what I could get up front guarantee-wise.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, especially if you can get a four-year.

ERIC EDHOLM: Four-year deal is the sweet spot, I think, for him. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I truly think we're going to continue to see teams really arguing with players over years. I know Lamar Jackson, that's not-- they're like, well, when Lamar wants to do it, we're ready to do it.


CHARLES ROBINSON: From what I understand, there's already kind of been a disagreement there about the years in the deal. I think players are all of the same mind, particularly quarterbacks. It's like four years. Do four years. Like just do four years. Don't do more than four years. You want to come up every four years. That's how you're going to max your money out and also give yourself power over the franchise because they have to think about extending you after three.

ERIC EDHOLM: If you have two years left on your contract, they're going to laugh at you when you try to come back and renegotiate. It just isn't gonna work.

CHARLES ROBINSON: That's why the Pat Mahomes deal, the 10-year deal, I mean, people think that's remarkably friendly to Kansas City. Now they really are like, oh my God, that's extremely friendly to Kansas City long term.

ERIC EDHOLM: Lando Calrissian. This deal keeps getting worse by the day or whatever, right?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Right, that's a great line.