Explore how Conor McGregor's net worth compared to other MMA fighters and sports stars in augmented reality

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The notorious Conor McGregor makes his return to fighting on Saturday, Jan. 23 at UFC 257 where he will take on former interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier. Despite not fighting in over a year and only entering the Octagon twice in the past four years, McGregor is still the highest-paid and has the most career earnings in UFC history.

Love or hate his brazen personality and constant trash talking, when McGregor talks people listen, and when he fights people watch. He was the main event of the three highest-selling PPVs in UFC history. The Irishman has transcended the sport and some could argue helped the UFC achieve mainstream success.

The 32-year-old has come a long way since surviving on welfare checks before entering the UFC in 2013. McGregor has amassed over $235 million during his fighting career, making him by far the highest earner in UFC history. This does not even take into account his outside business ventures, such as his Irish whiskey, Proper No. Twelve, which he claims is a billion-dollar company. Much of his earnings are credited to his boxing superfight with Floyd Mayweather, where he secured an estimated $85-100 million for his 10th round TKO defeat.

McGregor’s wealth has turned him into an international icon, but how do his career earnings compare to other athletes at the top of their fields? View the physical size of McGregor’s fortune in Augmented Reality and see how it stacks up against Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady and golf superstar Tiger Woods as well as against UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan, UFC president Dana White and YouTuber Logan Paul. 

The 3D experience below can be viewed on both desktop and mobile.

For desktop:

  • Click on “View in 3D.”

  • Use your mouse to zoom and rotate the object.

For mobile (optimal experience):

  • Click on “View in 3D.”

  • Tap on the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.

  • Press “allow” (this prompt should come up multiple times).

  • Place the object in your space, use your fingers to resize and rotate in augmented reality.

  • To take a photo of what you’re seeing, tap on the screen and a camera icon will appear.