Expert Picks: Ducks overwhelmingly predicted to lose to Oklahoma in Alamo Bowl

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The start of the 2021 Valero Alamo Bowl is drawing near, and as we get closer to kick-off, predictions for the outcome between Oregon and Oklahoma are pouring in.

Unfortunately for Duck fans, they may not be predictions that you want to see.

This is already a strange game with a pair of interim coaching staffs squaring up against each other, but after it’s become abundantly clear that Oregon will be without a litany of players due to injuries, opt-outs, or transfers, the tide is looking like it will tip towards the Sooners.

Our friends at College Football News got a group of experts to predict the outcomes of all games, and they weighed in on the Alamo Bowl. Of the 17 pickers, 15 of them sided with Oklahoma, and only 2 chose the Ducks.

It’s not just the pickers at CFN that sided with the Sooners. Over at ESPN, the Football Power Index predictor gives Oklahoma a 70.7% chance to win the game, leaving Oregon with just 29.3%. The final score prediction according to the worldwide leader is 32.5-26.0, Sooners.

Will things actually turn out that way once the ball is in the air? With this game, more than ever, it’s impossible to tell. However, it’s clear that the Ducks will be the underdog heading into this matchup between two depleted rosters awaiting a bright future to start under new coaching staffs.


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