With new expenses, college football programs will look for new revenue streams

With the reckoning finally arriving, college football will need new revenue streams.

Via USA Today, Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin identified one way to make more money on Wednesday at the SEC's spring meetings.

"I believe the NCAA is going to allow us to put a sponsor logo on the field during the regular season,” Scott Stricklin said. “That's an obvious revenue stream that has not been there in the past. The pro sports are putting patches on jerseys. That doesn't seem like something that's crazy for us to consider these days."

As the attached image shows, bowl games have done it — for years. Teams should be able to do it, too.

And why not put sponsorship logos on uniforms? With players now selling their names, images, and likenesses off the field, why not augment the official uniform with something more than the shoe or apparel partner?

That's the right way to react to a mess that college football created and maintained for years. Need more money? Make more money.

When the various programs don't have to pay players, they also don't have to turn over every stone to raise as much cash as possible. Now, they do. Now, they will.