As expected Commanders hosting Maye and Daniels next week

Well, that didn’t take long.

Just 24 hours ago, Commanders Wire encouraged Commanders fans not to make too much of Tuesday’s announcement that Jayden Daniels would visit the Commanders next week.

Though Adam Schefter, Brian Kelly and Colin Cowherd had all said in the past week that the Commanders were going to draft Daniels, we said, yes, the Commanders may draft Daniels, but those guys don’t actually know whom the Commanders are going to select.

We also declared that Adam Peters would certainly have Drake Maye visit the facility and perhaps J.J. McCarthy as well.

So, Wednesday brought the announcement that North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye will also visit Ashburn next week.

Indeed, Adam Peters, Dan Quinn, and owner Josh Harris have wisely not given any indication to anyone in the media who the Commanders will select with that No. 2 overall selection.

The possibility exists that the three may not only be acting wisely to not publicly declare their intentions. Seeing these three quarterbacks are also receiving such varied evaluations from the draft analysts, could it be that the Commanders trio of Peters, Quinn and Harris honestly, have not yet been able to be in unison regarding the selection?

Perhaps, being undecided, the Commanders are still continuing to do their necessary homework. If that is the case, could it be that this final visit/interview for each next week may be the determining factor in the end?

It’s a huge decision for Quinn and Peters. Just last year, the Panthers took Bryce Young, yet the guy selected next was C.J. Stroud, who had a much better rookie season.

With that in mind, the Commanders may want to conduct one more face-to-face interaction to observe how the young men refer to surprising questions or statements.

Ron Rivera chose Chase Young at No. 2 when quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert were not chosen until the fifth and sixth selections. Rivera never recovered and never obtained the quarterback he needed, either.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire