What to expect from Vikings Wire this summer

The Minnesota Vikings just spent the last two months adding players through free agency that they believe will help them eventually compete for a Super Bowl. With the offseason not having much going on, there isn’t a to to write about.

With all that being said, what will we be doing at Vikings Wire this summer?

Along with a comprehensive preview series with all the players and elements on the roster, we will be focusing a lot on the 2024 NFL draft with an early look at the projected top players at each position.

Why have such an NFL draft focus? This can be answered in two ways.

  • It’s a massive part of building a Super Bowl champion

  • People love the NFL draft

Vikings fans don’t have anywhere to go that discussed the NFL draft year-round from a local perspective and we plan on becoming that outlet for you moving forward.

Don’t worry, we aren’t just going to be writing about the NFL draft, everything Vikings will be our priority. We will be the only place for you to get coverage on the Vikings from every possible angle.

Get ready Vikings fans, the 2023 season is going to be a fun ride and we plan on being here for all of it.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire