What to expect from Brittney Griner’s return to the basketball court

Yahoo Sports WNBA writer Cassandra Negley and Eden Laase of Just Women’s Sports preview what promises to be a joyful and emotional return to the basketball court for WNBA star Brittney Griner after being detained in Russian prison for nearly 10 months.

Video Transcript

EDEN LAASE: The first thing that I noticed was, I was just so struck with how poised she was and how she was able to show all these emotions, including being sad, being worried, being happy, but mostly just being herself.

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BRITTNEY GRINER: Playing with D, who wouldn't want to play with a walking fossil? No, I'm playing. She's going to kill me.

EDEN LAASE: It felt like the WNBA was really missing something without her there. And her personality is just larger than life, so it was really cool to see that back in action.

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: Do we think this is going to be a lot of fanfare around the league with her coming back?

EDEN LAASE: I think, definitely. I think both teams are going to do something for her, either a shout out or ceremony, something like that. And the Mercury certainly will, because obviously she's been there for so long, she's such a fixture for them. I anticipate full crowds, a lot of people there to support her.


CASSANDRA NEGLEY: I think it's going to be emotional. This wasn't just an injury or stepping away from the game, this was Russian prison. There's a lot of emotion behind that. There was a chance she wasn't coming home for 10 years.

EDEN LAASE: Covering it was hard. Living in it was harder. People or friends with her, who know her, play with her, et cetera, everybody was impacted by this in some way. And so I do think it's going to be crazy emotional.