What to expect from a 12-team College Football Playoff

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The College Football Playoff is expanding. The new tournament is set to feature 12 teams as late as the 2026 season.

Despite criticism from college football purists, the move could have a largely positive effect on the sport.

For starters, it removes any argument for a shared national championship. UCF famously tried to claim the title in 2017 after defeating the Auburn Tigers to end an undefeated campaign. A 12-team playoff will provide plenty of room for every undefeated FBS team to compete for the title.

The move also provides more margin for error for big time programs. Many have singled out Alabama as a beneficiary of the move, but other blue blood programs stand to gain by having a bigger tournament. The season is not over if you lose a game.

The biggest positive might be the dismantling of a system that does not make logical sense. Nearly every other major sport allows for upwards of 40% of its teams to compete in a playoff. The NCAA’s baseball and basketball tournament feature 64 or more teams.

Some appreciate the value of a four-team playoff bid, but an expanded playoff is a significant improvement in a sport that at one time did not have an official national championship game.

The new tournament should add intrigue to an already great sport.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire