Exercise option finally finds a home at Clearwater park

CLEARWATER, S.C. (WJBF) – Juan Cardona was on the walking track getting his steps in at Harrison Caver Park in Clearwater, because it’s important.

“Just staying healthy and basically taking care of myself. I think a lot of people should do,” he said.

It’s a good time to be thinking about staying fit especially since yesterday was National Exercise Day.

Over the last several years, there is one form of exercise that has exploded; it’s the sports sensation that is sweeping the nation.

Of course, we’re talking about pickleball, and of course, it’s here in Clearwater.

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“Took one of the tennis courts down, made four Pickleball courts kept on tennis court, and had it separated. We’ve been out here about six weeks, and we’re blown away by the attendance and that the folks that are playing,” said Park Director Jeff Mayberry.

This park has been around since the 70s. Baseball, softball, and basketball has been it’s forte, but now here comes these new-fangled Pickleball courts.

“Are you getting the naysayers who say I don’t want pickleball?” 

“So far no. Most people we’ve been talking to who have been out here in in the park system say they are excited to have it,” said Jeff.

So, this park in Clearwater has its pickleball courts, but not every park goer has picked up a paddle.

“To be honest no. I’ve never played it. I like sports, so I will try it if somebody invites me into it,” said Juan.

The courts are ready when you are, and if you are not playing, it’s not this park’s fault.

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