Get an exclusive look at Metta World Peace in ‘All Wifed Out’ (Video)

New York Knicks forward Metta World Peace likes to get his name out there, pursuing various media opportunities with the vigor of a child star living from syndication royalty check to syndication royalty check. In late October, we brought your attention to his latest project, "All Wifed Out," a bro comedy in which a young man has a crazy night on the town in advance of deciding if he should move in with his girlfriend. Based on the trailer, World Peace's part appeared small, if also in keeping with the zany, hey-here's-someone-you-might-recognize tone of the film.

Now, we offer you an exclusive clip of MWP in "All Wifed Out," courtesy of the movie's marketing team. The setup is pretty simple — our hero and his two friends clink glasses in celebration, at which point one of them somehow goes flying across the room, spilling liquid on World Peace's shirt in the process. He gets up from his seat, ready for a fight, at which point Eve (playing, from what I gather, the secondary love interest who gets the protagonist to consider if he should leave his girlfriend) reminds MWP to get control of his anger. World Peace, naturally, has a different view of what transpired.

The joke here is that the situation is somewhat similar to the infamous Malice at the Palace brawl of November 19, 2004, in which the player then known as Ron Artest was struck with a beer, entered the stands to fight fans, and set off one of the most shameful incidents in NBA history. A few days short of the event's ninth anniversary, it's somewhat remarkable that it can now be used as fodder for comedy. In a way, that's a testament to how hard World Peace has worked to repair his image, even if he still lets his anger get the best of him on occasion.

"All Wifed Out" is now available for purchase at iTunes.

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