Ex-Titans RB Chris Johnson ‘trying to dive’ into scouting

Former Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson has an interest in scouting and is taking the next step toward possibly making that a career for himself.

Per Jim Wyatt of, Johnson is set to attend NFL Scout School at the Senior Bowl, where he’ll learn the fundamentals of scouting and more from those in the industry.

“I feel like this program, me going through the classes and doing the things they do, it will let me know if this is something I really want to do, really want to get into,” Johnson said. “But going into it, I feel like I really do. I enjoy watching film and I enjoy scouting. I think it will be very helpful.”

“You have to do an assignment, you are grading film on college prospects now that will be drafted in 2025,” Romen Oben, NFL Vice President of Football Development, said. “So, you are really diving into the Xs and Os, so to speak, right away.”

The course, led by Senior Bowl director Jim Nagy and director of scouting development at The Scouting Academy, Dan Hatman, aims to “pull back the curtain on the lifestyle and all aspects of both pathways with NFL scouting departments; pro/advance scouting and college scouting.”

“I am taking it one step at a time, and trying to dive into the scouting world,” Johnson said. “Once I get into it, I feel like anything I do, I want to be the best at what I do. So the sky is the limit, and if that is what God has planned for me, and that’s where it ends up, then I’m going to do my best. But with this process I just want to take it one day at a time and be the best where I first start out. And hopefully, if I do great at it, I can continue taking those steps and we’ll see where it goes.”

Story originally appeared on Titans Wire