ex-OMG support Cloud joins QG Reapers

Cloud joins QG Reapers (lolesports)
Cloud joins QG Reapers (lolesports)

QG Reapers have announced, via weibo, that support player Hu “Cloud” Zhenwei has joined the team.

Cloud previously played for Oh My God in 2014 and 2015. He joined OMG in Summer of 2014, but despite his high individual skill, he was benched intermittently for Fang “dada777” Hongri. He and OMG 3-0’d Korean team NaJin White Shield at the 2014 World Championship quarterfinals when he returned to the starting lineup after Group Stage, but they lost to Chinese team Star Horn Royal Club in the semifinal. At the end of the 2015 OMG Chinese super team experiment, Cloud announced his retirement.

According to QG Reapers’ announcement, Cloud maintained a strong practice regiment in 2016 despite his retirement. Cloud “upheld the same dream.” In 2016, he spent time training at the EDward Gaming practice facilities. It was because of his determination that QG said they decided to sign him for the 2017 season.

QG have two other support players on their lineup, Liu “AhrI” Xudong, who qualified for LPL when the team was called Newbee Young and female supports Ziwei, but it is not clear if Ziwei has yet passed her eligibility requirement test.

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