Ex-NFL player makes confusing argument for the Bears drafting Caleb Williams

Ex-NFL player makes confusing argument for the Bears drafting Caleb Williams originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

You can point to the numbers, the off-platform throws, the creativity off-script, and a lot more to describe why you believe the Bears should draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

But not former NFL player, now analyst, Emmanuel Acho. Acho pointed to the opportunity risk of drafting potential busts from the hypothetical picks the Bears would earn in return for trading the No. 1 pick as a reason not to pass on Williams.

Here's the confusing argument Acho posed for drafting Williams and not trading the No. 1 pick.

"It is easier to hit on one player in Caleb Williams than it is to hit on four players," Acho said. "If you're talking about trading that No. 1 overall pick for all these other picks, now you gotta hope that Marvin Harrison Jr. hits. Then you gotta hope that the tackle you get hits. Then you gotta hope that the other pass rusher hits.

"As opposed to simply hoping that Caleb hits. It's easier in my mind to simply hit on Caleb Williams than it is to pray you hit on three or four picks, not to mention, you can trade Justin Fields for a second- or third-round pick."

Let's try to dissect this.

In Acho's mind, it's safer to trade Williams --- a quarterback who has never played a snap in the NFL --- than it is to keep a veteran quarterback in Justin Fields and build around him with several draft picks.

Look, drafting Williams with the No. 1 pick isn't a bad plan. It might even be the best option for the Bears. But it won't be because the risk of drafting busts for trading the No. 1 pick outweighs the success rate of drafting Williams alone.

Don't overthink this.

By drafting Williams, you get a new rookie quarterback contract clock. The Bears get a more highly-touted quarterback with unknown potential. Ryan Poles gets a chance to fix the problem himself, drafting a quarterback to call his own.

By trading the No. 1 pick, the Bears keep Fields --- a veteran quarterback with proven skill and prowess. The Bears get a haul in return, including multiple Day 1 selections and potential players. The Bears get the chance to draft several players to build around Fields.

Acho is forgetting there's risk in drafting Williams, too. Williams struggled in several instances in his final year at school, albeit their roster isn't very supportive. Nevertheless, he performed questionably against Notre Dame (199 yards, 1 touchdown, 3 interceptions), Utah (256 yards, 0 touchdowns) and Oregon (291 yards, 1 touchdown).

Williams also hasn't declared for the NFL draft. He told the LA Times his decision on whether or not to enter the draft will be a "game-time decision." There's an argument to be made about the money he can make in college. Plus, he and his father have expressed dismay at joining a suboptimal team in the NFL. He has until Jan. 15 to decide whether or not he'll enter the draft.

Several times, Acho pointed to the risk in drafting a tackle, a pass rusher and --- controversially, I might add --- wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State. There is risk in drafting any prospect in the NFL, including Williams.

But, to Acho, he doesn't see risk in drafting Williams, only in trading for more picks.

"Take your money. Go to the cashier. Cash out. Why would you not make that decision?" Acho said.

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