Ex-major leaguer Milton Bradley guilty of abusing wife

Former major leaguer Milton Bradley faces more than seven years in jail after being found guilty on Monday on nine counts of abusing his estranged wife.

Bradley was found guilty of four counts of spousal battery, two counts of criminal threats, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism and one count of brandishing a deadly weapon, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The 34-year-old Bradley was taken into custody and bail was set at $250,000.

"Domestic violence will not be tolerated, regardless of perceived celebrity or notoriety, and violators will be held fully accountable for their actions," City Attorney Trutanich said in a statement. "The city attorney's office remains ready to assist all people victimized by spousal abuse."

Bradley heads back to court on July 2 when he finds out his sentence.

Bradley and his wife of five years have two children and are currently separated. His wife has filed a restraining order against him.

The Times said the charges against Bradley stem from five incidents between 2011 and 2012, according to prosecutors. Not only did police investigate verbal threats, but incidents of physical abuse had been alleged.

One instance occurred in August 2011 when Bradley was accused of pulling out a baseball bat and threatening his wife. He also was accused of choking his wife after she asked him to stop smoking marijuana in front of their children, according to the Times article.

Bradley allegedly threatened his wife with a knife in March 2012. "You'll be dead, bitch, before you divorce me," he allegedly told his wife.

Bradley spent 11 years -- many of them tumultuous -- in the majors. He played for the Montreal Expos, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners.