Report: Ex-Longzhu player CoCo joins Newbee Gaming

Coco is a mid laner for Newbee Gaming (OGN)
Coco is a mid laner for Newbee Gaming (OGN)

The official roster list included a player named “CoCo” on Newbee Gaming’s LPL 2017 Spring roster list. Sources close to the organization have confirmed with Yahoo Esports that this CoCo is ex-Longzhu Gaming mid player Shin “CoCo” Jinyeong.

CoCo played previously with Baek “Swift” Dahoon on CJ Entus Frost in 2014. It was rumored that QG Reapers, the organization from which Newbee Gaming purchased their current lineup, was seeking to also add CoCo on multiple occasions. Since 2014, CoCo has played for CJ Entus and Longzhu Gaming. In 2015, he was regarded as a top mid laner in LCK.

Newbee Gaming had a difficult 2016 LPL Summer after signing Bae “dade” Eojin. They were forced to play the LPL relegation and promotion tournament to keep their spot in the league. Previously, with mid laner Kim “Doinb” Taesang under the name QG Reapers, the team finished second in 2015 LPL Summer and first in their group in 2016 LPL Spring.

In addition to CoCo, Newbee Gaming also signed Chinese mid laner Yu “Cool” Jiajun. Given Swift’s proficiency with Mandarin Chinese when discussing in game events, this will give the team the option of an all Mandarin Chinese-speaking lineup. It’s not clear which mid laner will start for the team in the coming season.

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