Ex-Giant Tim Lincecum once showed off Cy Young Awards to win arbitration case

Jessica Kleinschmidt
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Friday held MLB's deadline for teams and arbitration-eligible players to submit salary figures. It's that time of the offseason when players and clubs negotiate over salaries.

Some settle, some don't. 

If the parties don't come to an agreement, there's a hearing where a panel of arbitrators listens to both sides of the case and decides the winner.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall ... 

This was how two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum's situation with the Giants once went:

"Walked into the courtroom with both Cy Young Awards. They never even started talking -- it was signed, sealed and delivered right there. I think it was a two-year deal, right there."

Former Giants infielder Kevin Frandsen told a pretty awesome story on MLB Network Radio about Timmy's time before he was scheduled to hit arbitration.

It worked, obviously.  

If it's around the time we're thinking of, he signed a two-year, $23 million contract with the Giants in 2010.

"You talk about just a pimp move," Frandsen added.

In a case such as this, you couldn't argue Timmy was worth the money. Literally, you couldn't argue, because it appeared nobody said anything when he walked in with that hardware.

On top of two NL Cy Young Awards, Lincecum earned three World Series rings as a member of the Giants, tossed two no-hitters and was the NL strikeouts leader from 2008 to 2010. He last pitched for the Giants in 2015, but after spending nine seasons with the team, he became one of the most beloved members among all-time Bay Area athletes. 

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We recently caught a rare glimpse of Lincecum when he arrived for former Giants manager Bruce Bochy's final game in September, when he admitted he hasn't formally retired from baseball.

If Lincecum says goodbye to baseball forever, we at least have this gem of a story to add to the many.  

Ex-Giant Tim Lincecum once showed off Cy Young Awards to win arbitration case originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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