Ex-Chiefs star Willie Gay Jr. makes impassioned defense of Rashee Rice’s character

At one point during a Thursday news conference, the attorney for Rashee Rice asked people not to be so quick to judge the Chiefs receiver.

Royce West of West & Associates was answering questions about the six-vehicle crash Saturday on a Dallas freeway that involved Rice. West acknowledged Rice, 23, was driving a Lamborghini Urus sport-utility vehicle that appeared to be street-racing a Corvette before the crash.

“You call them spoiled, entitled,” West said about Rice. “Why don’t you do a story of who he is, as opposed to what occurred? Because it seems as though what you’re saying is based on this one incident, you’re going to define him based on this incident, as opposed to his entire body of work.

“I would say each and every one of you, if all of us had to be defined by one incident, that would be ridiculous, as opposed to our entire body of work. So I’d ask that you as the media, look at his entire body of work before saying exactly who he is. That will be a better, I think, representation of who he is.”

West reiterated his desire that reporters in Texas dig into Rice’s life story.

“Is he a thug? Has he been going around committing murders or rapes, robberies and things like this?” West asked. “Or is he a young man who found himself in this situation and now needs to figure out exactly how he can balance No. 1 taking care of the issues associated with the persons that were injured and making sure his whole life is not just turned topsy-turvey.”

That sentiment from West was shared by Rice’s former teammate on the Chiefs.

Linebacker Willie Gay Jr., who signed last month with the New Orleans Saints, offered an impassioned defense of Rice’s character.

“A GREAT person; (shoot), we all make mistakes and have to learn from our actions as a part of growing up,” Gay wrote on X. “We believe in Gods grace forget what a man says.”