Ex-Astros GM Jeff Luhnow breaks silence about cheating scandal on upcoming podcast

The biggest story of the 2020 baseball season, even during an unprecedented 60-game season and 16-team playoff field, remains the Houston Astros. The cheating scandal that engulfed baseball and sports in general isn’t going anyway any time soon — and certainly not when Carlos Correa seems content to feed the trolls.

People who can’t get enough of the Astros scandal should be happy to hear that a new podcast is launching next week that promises an inside look at the Astros scandal from the Sports Illustrated writer who proclaimed them the 2017 World Series champs in 2014. It also comes with Jeff Luhnow, the ex-general manager and architect of the Astros, speaking publicly about the scandal for the first time.

The podcast is called “The Edge” and was created by the producers of “Slow Burn” and “Fiasco.” It drops Oct. 7 from Cadence13 and is hosted by Ben Reiter, who penned both the famous Sports Illustrated cover story and the book “Astroball.”

Yahoo Sports has an exclusive trailer of “The Edge” to share with readers. In it, Luhnow seems contrite, saying: “People have the right to be upset about it. I’m upset about it. There is no place for this in baseball.”

Luhnow has been at the center of this since news first broke, regarded by many as a GM who would take any advantage in front of him to build the Astros into a winner. He and manager A.J. Hinch were both suspended for a year by MLB in January and subsequently fired by the Astros.

Hours after his punishment, Luhnow issued a statement that said: "I am not a cheater. Anybody who has worked closely with me during my 32-year career inside and outside baseball can attest to my integrity."

Reporting on the subject has said Luhnow, at the very least, had knowledge of what was going on both in his baseball operations department and on the field.

One of the most interesting parts of this podcast and Luhnow’s involvement will be whether he changes his “I’m not a cheater” stance and takes more responsibility for the cheating scandal and its indelible imprint on the Astros.

Ex-Astros GM Jeff Luhnow will break his silence on a new podcast called "The Edge" debuting Oct. 7. (Getty Images/Cadence13)
Ex-Astros GM Jeff Luhnow will break his silence on a new podcast called "The Edge" debuting Oct. 7. (Getty Images/Cadence13)

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